Come for the Singo, Stay for the Bingo!

*There is a $5 fee for Bingo that covers a drink, a hot dog, a bag of chips, and bingo cards.

Singo N Bingo

Singo N Bingo is a time to be with friends and have fun!

The evening starts with our Saturday song service, and it is followed by a night of Bingo!

As a church, we have a desire to reach out to those with special needs in the community. The members of Family Bible Church have hearts for all people. FBC believes in inclusion for all, and has a vision of expanding awareness for persons with disabilities. Making sure they, and their families/caregivers, feel welcome is a must. Our congregation is made up of many people who have experience and training with those with special needs. The list include, but is not limited to, independent service coordinators, counselors, special education teachers, parents, and many more. 

Pastor Sam had a vision of planning a night out for those in the community with special needs, individuals and families alike. We understand that those with disabilities enjoy music and games, especially Bingo!

Following our Saturday song service, dinner is served and Bingo begins! Prizes are given during every game of Bingo.

If you would like more information, feel free to contact us at 815-342-3538 or