Many Faces. One Faith.

We are a diverse group of believers who are united by our shared faith in a loving God. We welcome you where you are at, without judgment or prejudice. 

Family Bible Church seeks to help you grow in your walk with God and encourages fellowship with other believers. We believe in giving ministry opportunities to people of all ages and abilities, and are always thrilled to assist individuals in finding a place to serve.

Family Bible Church believes in inclusion of all people. We have a vision of expanding awareness for persons with disabilities, along with making sure they, and their families/caregivers, feel welcome.  Barriers exist that we are actively trying to eliminate. We are working hard to bridge the gap between individuals with disabilities and the church.

Everyone plays an essential role in the Body of Christ. God created all people in His image. He has given each of us gifts and talents that we can use to glorify Him, whether that is out in the community or within in the church. 

We welcome all to serve alongside us as we bring honor and glory to God.

All are welcome. Always.

Who We Are